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My name
is AyoLane

I am a creator of experiential journeys, opening a door to a higher state of awareness within the natural world. These experiences encourage a stronger connection between the participant and the local environment for years to come.

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My Mission: 

To build kinship with the earth in a way that motivates others to deepen their connection with the local environment and inspires them to play an active role in creating positive life journeys and communities.



AyoLane Halusky has more than 25 years of professional experience creating and conducting a variety of programs for schools, universities, children and family services, and public populations; focusing on community building within and outside of the natural world. He is a St. Johns County Florida native who knows the local waters and wilderness areas intimately. As the former St. Johns County Naturalist, he offers unrivaled knowledge of the local, natural environment. He has spent most of his youth and adult life exploring these hidden areas and he openly shares wealth of knowledge during his trips and programs. AyoLane is a passionate teacher who creates opportunities for understanding the local environment at the personal and community level.



I'm always excited to connect with new people and share my passion for nature! 


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