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Ethics of Ecotourism and our Steering Committee

An ethical ecotourism certification for Northeast Florida will empower local organizations to support our environment while strengthening the economy. 

This steering committee will provide a new foundation for a progressive certification.

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Let's Talk About The Ethics of Ecotourism

We are launching a discussion group to begin laying the foundation for a community-based ethical ecotourism steering committee. The steering committee's mission will be to create and define sustainable ecotourism in a way that reflects and serves the unique qualities and needs of St. Johns County. With input and feedback gathered from the steering committee, we will develop a certification for local companies so they will be empowered to support our local environment while strengthening the local economy.

Share Your Voice

All local community members and companies are encouraged to join the discussion and voice their views and ideas.  We will begin the process by hosting our discussion group meetings at local venues. Contact us here to learn more. 

Benefits of Certification

According to The International Ecotourism Society, certification sets standards and helps distinguish genuine ecotourism. Certification is a vital tool for motivating businesses and others to improve their environmental, social, and economic performance, while rewarding them for doing so. By becoming certified, local businesses take a critical step towards building a more sustainable, collaborative, and inclusive economy - the consequences of which improve the overall well-being of residents, visitors, and the natural environment for years to come. 

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