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St. Augustine Kayak tours

Experience Florida’s beauty and see what makes it such a special gem of ecological diversity, and learn about it’s past, present, and future. 


Earth Kinship offers a diverse set of kayak journeys to experience the beauty of Florida. You can select a trip below to begin your next unforgettable adventure. During your trip you'll learn about the site, it’s history, ecology and vibrant wildlife. 


All trips are guided by an ACA certified professional. 

View the waiver here



The best way to enjoy Florida is on the water! 

Book your adventure today!

Our prices can fit any budget. 

$55 per person

Current Trips

Check our calendar below for current availability. Book your adventure today!

*Availability is dependent upon weather, tides, locations, and season. 



We provide quality, modern gear to ensure a fun and safe time on the water. 

 Wilderness Systems TSUNAMI 145


Wilderness Systems PAMLICO 145T (Tandem)


ONYX MoveVent Lifejackets (All Sizes)


WERNER Skagit Touring Paddle


Experience Levels


  • Paddlers who are first day to beginner level with one or more trip experiences.

  • Some or no training, paddle skills may include: Forward backward pivot and turning on the move.

  • Boater safety and rules of the road laws of Florida.

  • Trip planning with navigation, some weather and water knowledge including open water and tidal areas.

  • Protected freshwater to brackish; lake, pond, or creek, with 0 or less than 2.5 foot tidal flow. Calm weather.

  • Paddle ability 1-5 miles on protected waters and slow moving tidal areas.

  • 1-5 hour trips


  • Paddlers who have experienced different trips in a variety of places and some heavy weather conditions.

  • Basic to intermediate paddle strokes and skills, should have self-rescue ability.

  • Boater safety and rules of the road, laws of Florida.

  • Trip planning with navigation, weather and water knowledge including open water, tidal areas and surf conditions.

  • Protected and coastal tidal areas. Waves caused by tide and wind. (1-2' Choppy conditions)

  • Paddle ability up to 5-10 miles.

  • 2-10 hour day trips


  • Paddlers who have experienced many trips and water conditions including heavy weather and waves on the water.

  • Advanced paddle skills and self/assisted rescue ability. Knowledge of nomenclature, hull shape and paddling gear.

  • Boater safety and rules of the road, laws of Florida

  • Trip planning with navigation experience, weather and water knowledge including open water, tidal areas and surf

  • Protected/Open waters, coastlines, boat channel/sound areas, and surf conditions included.

  • Paddle ability beyond 10 miles in a day.

  • 6-12 hour day trips, overnight and expedition capabilities

What to bring

Kayaks are provided for all registered guests

  • Water shoes that stay on your feet, closed toe is recommended. (Slippers, Flip Flops and Crock not recommended)

  • Water and a snack

  • Sun protection: hat, sun shirt, sun lotion, sun glasses.

  • Dress for weather. If it’s cool, overcast or cold, bring a warm layer.

  • Optional: dry bag for your personal belongings.


BYOK: If you’re bringing your own kayak

  • Please note that some trips require a length of 12 feet or longer kayak, during open water trips.

  • Kayak that is Coast Guard approved and in good working order.

  • PFD (Personal Floatation Device): Coast Guard approved and Inherently Buoyant Type I-III.

  • Inflatables are not allowed (there are no acceptations).

  • PFDs must fit the user and will be worn at all times on the water.

For night trips you are required to bring ​a flash light or headlamp. (Must be a white light)

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