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My name
is Summer

I help people reconnect with the earth and discover natural healing alternatives. I believe that we all can heal ourselves through nurturing our connection with nature.

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My Mission: 

To assist people from diverse backgrounds, cultures, and languages in rediscovering their connection with the natural world through the healing practice of forest bathing.



Summer is a certified Forest and Nature Therapy Guide through the Association of Nature and Forest Therapy. A native of Florida and daughter of renowned environmentalists, Summer understands the value of staying connected with the land and preserving our natural ecosystems. As a person who happens to be deaf, Summer creatively navigates life using various ways to communicate and express herself through sign language, gestures, silence, and writing. As a guide, Summer encourages you to take a deeper look at your own connection with nature through the healing practice of forest bathing. 

After receiving degrees in Expressive Art Therapy and Deaf Cultural Studies, Summer decided to share her passion for language and cultures by educating folks about the gifts of Deaf Culture and American Sign Language. She became a certified American Sign Language instructor, teaching ASL, Spanish, and Deaf Culture in various high schools, colleges, and universities. Soon after, she decided to establish an educational media company, The Giving Cypress, which focused on making accessible videos and enriching visual educational platforms for the sign language community.


About The Giving Cypress

The Giving Cypress focuses on helping humans connect with themselves through sensory embodiment and silence. We teach you the skills and benefits of being present, quieting and slowing down your mind and body, discovering alternative ways to communicate and express yourself authentically, and exploring a deeper connection with nature.

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